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Henan annual output of less than 300 thousand tons of small coal mines will be closed

Henan will speed up the elimination of backward production capacity, and promote the disaster prone and hopeless state-owned coal mines closed down according to law, the annual output of less than 300 thousand tons of small coal mines all closed.
Henan provincial security committee, deputy director of the provincial administration secretary Zhang Leiming said that Henan will accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity, to guide the long-term production construction of coal mine safety standardization, not up to grade three of the coal mine, and exhaustion of resources and serious disasters, complex systems, losses hopeless state-owned coal mines and the merger and reorganization of coal to exit off all closed on an annual output of 300 thousand tons of small coal mines.
It is understood that, as of the end of August, a total of 1127 coal mine inspection time in Henan Province, hidden rectification rate of 88.8%.
According to reports, this year from 1 to August, the province’s various types of production and operation of the total number of casualties decreased by 12.59%. Among them, the major accidents fell by 10.53% year on year; major accidents fell by 50% year on year; no major accidents occurred.

Guangzhou port stated: “no notice on the prohibition of coal imports”

Xinsha port Guangzhou Port Co., recently released a statement saying, at present, Guangzhou port has not received notice of the customs and other relevant units concerned to stop the import port unloading of coal.
The statement said that recently, Internet rumors of Guangzhou port in September 10, 2017 to January 2018 will not be allowed to import coal unloading untrue rumors.
At present, Guangzhou port has not received notice of the customs and other relevant units to stop foreign trade port unloading of imported coal, the relevant information has been released without unloading imports of coal, Guangzhou port imports coal related businesses still maintain the normal and orderly operation.
All along, Guangzhou port and port in strict accordance with the national relevant policies and regulations to carry out business, the future will continue to strictly enforce.
Recently, the Guangzhou Hong Kong ship demurrage, is continuously affected by multiple caused by the typhoon, has nothing to do with the Internet said imported coal unloading line.
The statement said that the majority of owners owners do not believe rumors do not pass rumors, and jointly safeguard the normal production order.

In July, Taiwan’s coal imports increased by 14.2% QoQ

Taiwan customs preliminary statistics show that in July, Taiwan imported 6 million 339 thousand and 600 tons of coal, an increase of 7.82%, an increase of 14.2%.
In July, Taiwan bituminous coal imports amounted to 6 million 142 thousand and 300 tons, an increase of 9.33%, an increase of 14.85%; that month, Taiwan sub bituminous coal imports amounted to 166 thousand and 700 tons, down 33.2%, but the growth of 11.46%. That month, Taiwan anthracite imports amounted to 14 thousand and 200 tons, a drop of 59.96% compared with the same period last year, Taiwan imported only 454 tons of anthracite.
That same month, Taiwan imports from Australia 2 million 965 thousand tons of coal, an increase of 74.84%, growth of 32.13%; imported Indonesian coal 1 million 510 thousand and 800 tons, an essentially flat, a decline of 11.72%; Russia imported 866 thousand and 200 tons of coal, down 2.77%, the chain increased 69.22%.
In July, the total amount of coal imports in Taiwan totaled 618 million US dollars, up by 70.93% compared with the same period of last year, an increase of 24.08%. It can be deduced that the average import price of Taiwan in the month was 97.5 US dollars / ton, an increase of 58.5%, an increase of 8.65%.
1-7 months, Taiwan imported 41 million 624 thousand and 400 tons of coal, an increase of 9.72%. Over the same period, coal imports totaled $4 billion 161 million, up 76.59% year on year.

Coal coke spot price, black overall shocks continued

Yesterday the black metal plate in the main coke contract still remain relatively strong, only rose 1.8%, in contrast to other black lines is the main contract, the decline in varying degrees, 1801 ore contracts continue to decline, down to 3.8%, the main product volume on the decline in 2% disc screw down. Night time double disc main coke opened slightly higher after the shock to maintain the trend, although the main steel mine opened, but in the influence of double focus, have been showing upward trend shock, black night disc closing the main contract price maintained within 1.5%.
On the spot, yesterday, Tangshan square billet price stabilized 3840 yuan / ton, the three levels of rebar prices down slightly, Shanghai down 40 yuan / ton to 4080 yuan / ton, Tianjin down 20 yuan / ton to 4000 yuan / ton. 4.75MM hot spot prices around the country also appeared slight callback, Shanghai down 20 yuan / ton to 4250 yuan / ton, Tianjin down 10 yuan / ton to 4250 yuan / ton. The outer end of raw materials, the Platts index continued to fall yesterday 1.65 to 74.75 U.S. dollars / ton, the Port ore prices down 3 yuan / wet ton to 575-577 yuan / ton wet. Tianjin port quasi level metallurgical coke price stabilized 2225 yuan / ton, Tangshan two metallurgical coke stabilized 2190 yuan / ton. North China, central China and other places glass spot price reproduction 10-20 yuan / ton.
In summary, Jiangsu today, Henan had issued a coal reduction scheme, relatively strong superimposed spot prices resulting in futures of coke in the black plate performance is strong, and in the night time drive disc plate varieties overall stop falling. Before seeing the coal and coke spot prices appear to be loose, we believe that the relatively strong coal tar pattern is expected to maintain, the short-term black metal sector as a whole continuation of the shock trend. Glass season performance or failure, long-term maintenance short thinking. But considering the surrounding black mood is very hot, glass is difficult to fall alone. Suggest unilateral temporary wait and see. Arbitrage, pre proposal in the 1801 contract layout, multi thread hot rolling empty coke coking coal will continue to hold.

Special report: Cement Industry Supply contraction path interpretation

One of the supply contraction: staggering production (government) – reduced effective capacity.
Peak production was born in March 2014, mainly refers to the winter heating period in North China, cement enterprises to achieve a comprehensive mechanism to stop the kiln, at the end of the heating period of spring open kiln, cement production line shut down on low cost to enhance the feasibility of the operation mechanism. It is intended to resolve the overcapacity and haze of governance, beginning in 2015 fifteen northern provinces staggering production has become the norm, the implementation of the peak suppression of the effective capacity (in the capacity of non substantive to the case) to play, to mitigate the pressure of excess capacity. From the implementation of 2014-2017, the peak production covered provinces continue to expand (north peak increased from 6 to early 15 provinces, by the province from north to south, the time span of development) gradually stretched, implementation efforts continue to strengthen the trend (government required, more standardized and fair, formal).
Since the second half of 2017 has been in Shandong, Tianjin and the introduction of relevant policy documents clearly cement enterprises peak production time, according to a document subject specification, documentation requirements of peak time, the combination of the nineteen date of the meeting (October 18, 2017) and other factors, that the current round of autumn and winter environmental pressure on the intensity and duration of cement production to more than in previous years. Because environmental problems are difficult to solve in the short term, we believe that the pressure of environmental protection on the cement production capacity will be normalized.
Supply contraction two: – peak period of enterprise self-discipline to further suppress the release of production capacity.
In addition to the peak period of the production, in the industry often appear the self-discipline of enterprises production, i.e. the area leading enterprises in the peak period according to the demand of the timing of active implementation of production, to reduce the inventory, control the amount to very price. In the supply side reform environment, the implementation of enterprise self-regulation is stronger than in previous years.
From the 2016 situation, the production of cement enterprise self-discipline effective capacity contraction intensity was significantly higher than that in the south, such as the fifteen Northern Province peak period at the end of long (about 1.8 months) was significantly higher than that in sixteen southern provinces (about 0.8 months). In 2017 the peak production not only increase, the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region for example (the peak period of time did not increase), the month of 2017 1-7 cement production fell about 12%

The first batch of coal-fired power generation shutdown list released nearly 8 of the five major power generation groups

This year, a number of departments frequently called coal power overcapacity, coal-fired power production capacity is deepening.
Recently, in 2017, the first batch of coal-fired power unit shutdown list came out, totaling 4 million 721 thousand kilowatts, 100 units. Of these, nearly 80% belong to the five largest power generation group.
Need to mention that, before the China Shenhua (20.73 -3.31%, up shares) and Guodiandianli (3.52 -1.40%, up shares) set up power joint venture company, the company mainly for power generation business assets both a high degree of coincidence of the regional integration, in order to solve the problems of competition etc..
At present, most of the power generation enterprises in China have high proportion of thermal power assets and high overlap rate of regional resources.
Some analysts said, no matter from the installation, utilization hours, new construction scale or total profits, the five power generation group of thermal power sector to capacity pressure is greater.
In 2017, the first batch of coal-fired power plants shut down list released
“Securities Daily” reporter learned that, recently, the National Energy Board issued the “elimination of backward production capacity target task in 2017 the coal industry (the first batch) Notice”, put forward according to the “on the supply side structural reforms to prevent and resolve coal overcapacity risk views” and other relevant documents, under the submitted plan, clear in 2017 the first batch of backward production capacity out of plan, a total of 4 million 721 thousand kilowatts of 100 units.
According to the notice, the 2017 national coal to eliminate backward production capacity of four main criteria: one is do not have heating transformation conditions, and the unit capacity of 50 thousand kilowatts at the condensing units and large power single 100 thousand KW condensing units, large power grid stand-alone 200 thousand kilowatts of life expiration of the condensing units; two is the transformation of the power supply coal consumption is still not standard the unit (including self-contained units); three is the emissions do not meet the requirements and the implementation of environmental transformation unit (single 300 thousand the following operation for 20 years or 25 years with the condensing units condensing thermal power units); four is the life of the expiration of the stand-alone 300 thousand kilowatts condensing units.
It is worth noting that the elimination of unit clear file mainly concentrated in the following 200 thousand kilowatts, to Beijing, Tianjin and Anhui to stop large capacity group (the reason is shutting down the unit capacity in Jiangsu, Hebei), shutting down the unit number.
In the first batch of coal shut down list, nearly 80% belong to the five largest power generation group.
According to statistics, the five major power groups shutting down the unit capacity of 3 million 589 thousand kilowatts for the entire shutting down the number of 76%, of which 1 million 221 thousand kilowatts to 1 million 420 thousand kilowatts Huadian, Huaneng, Datang, Guodian 500 thousand KW 138 thousand kilowatts, 310 thousand kilowatts of power investment.
Specifically, including Huadian Beijing thermal power plant, Huaneng Group under the Tianjin Junliangcheng Power Plant, Datang Group, Datang Power Plant, Huadian energy was two (4.45 -0.45%, referral shares) of Fulaerji thermal power plant etc..

This winter and 40 million tons of coal consumption of evaporation

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